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New Life Camp

New day. New start. New life in Christ.

Our Purpose

We are here to form disciple-making disciples of Christ who love God and others through the Holy Spirit.

Our Mission

To provide a safe place for people to know Jesus through worship, the Word, and the fellowship of believers!

Our Story

50 years of ministry as a camp of the Fellowship Baptist Bluewater Association and growing as the Lord provides.

If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God!

D.L. Moody

Learn What We Do

Summer Camps

This has been the primary initiative of the Camp where we create a safe space for campers to learn and grow in the beautiful forest of Grey County. Our camps are an opportunity for campers to step outside of their regular schedule, to try something new, and to build lasting friendships.


We also facilitate weekend retreats hosted by other church groups. As a ministry to the churches in our community, New Life Camp’s facilities are available for like-minded groups whose purpose is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Snow Camps

Snow Camps are an opportunity for high school students to unplug from daily distractions mid-semester and discover what God has to say to them through His Word. It is also an opportunity for church youth groups and their leaders to get to know one another and worship God together. Our desire is to facilitate open spiritual discussions that encourage students to ask questions and seek the answers found in God’s Word.

Special Events

Throughout the year New Life Camp puts on a few unique and special events for the people and churches who support and care for the camp. These are run by our staff for the purpose of encouraging, focusing on the power and presence of our Lord amidst daily life, as well as cultivating continual relationships with the helpers of camp. These events include a variety of different things like: work weekends, Camp Dedication weekend, “Hymn-Sings,” Senior’s Banquets, and staff gatherings.


Years of Ministry


Supporting Churches


Weeks of Summer Camp



New Life Camp holds a special place in my heart. Proverbs 22:6 says, “Teach children how they should live, and they will remember it all their life”.  This would be the motto of my experience at New Life Camp. The example the staff and leadership set as they learn, grow, and live out what they know to be true deeply impacts me, and continually encourages me to do the same.


Every summer I’ve spent at New Life Camp has been filled with reading and pondering God’s Word, learning how to live it out, and helping others do the same.  Being part of the process at NLC has been a journey of growing closer to God and others, a journey for which I am exceedingly grateful.


New Life Camp has absolutely changed my life in many ways. I have had the privilege of being a part of the camp from being a camper to working there with all different responsibilities. Through my time, I have learned to work, learned to serve, and most importantly learned what a life surrendered to God looks like. I have never experienced a more spiritually loving, caring and nurturing environment that is so dedicated to the things of Christ. I will always think of the camp as a second home, and a place where a tremendous amount of growth happened in my life.”


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Contact Us

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