Summer Camp 2024



Come and experience the safety and love of Christ in the great outdoors!



Opportunities to help and care for others!



Special times with your cabin to create, serve, and play!



The excitement and joy of being all together for special activities!


At New Life Camp, we create a safe space for campers to learn and grow in the beautiful forest of Grey County. Our camps are an opportunity for campers to step outside of their regular schedule, try something new, and build lasting friendships. Above all else, however, we see camp as a ministry. That is, our summer camps and winter retreats are opportunities for us to share the Bible’s life-changing truths with children, teenagers and families. The good news of the gospel is that there is a God who created each person uniquely and loves them dearly. All of the pain and brokenness that we see in the world around us is the result of sin, a humanity that has rejected God’s perfect plan and tried to do things its own way. We believe that God shows us the way to live in the Bible and that this book has the power to give meaning and purpose to our lives, no matter what age we might be. Through Jesus Christ, we are saved from the power of sin and given a new life and a new hope for living in this crazy world. 

Schedule & Activities

Every morning, our campers and staff come together for a chapel service to learn more about our great God and praise Him for all that He has done for us. Every evening, our cabin counsellors also lead a time of prayer and devotions with their campers. In between, our camp schedule is a balance of structured activities and free time that allows campers to explore God’s creation and spend time with their friends. Some electives allow campers to spend time with their camp counsellor and cabin group, while other activities are opportunities for campers to be more creative and try new things. Camp-wide activities bring all of our campers and staff together for field games like Capture the Flag or nightly campfires. Other camp activities include: pond (canoeing, floating dock, swimming), pool, outdoor gaga ball, playground/trampoline, archery, air rifles, arts and crafts, woodworking, baking, gym, and field games.

Service Electives

Alongside more traditional camp activities, service electives have also become an important part of our camp schedule. As a Christian camp, we believe that one of the greatest ways that believers can serve God is by serving one another. Our service electives allow campers to participate in the camp process in ways that demonstrate their care for others and for our shared space. Campers take turns setting tables, cleaning up after meals, and doing small jobs such as delivering firewood to other cabin groups. Other service electives give campers the opportunity to write letters of appreciation to community service workers, such as fire rescue personnel or health care workers, or letters of encouragement to Christian missionaries serving overseas.   

The cost for a week of camp is $300. This includes $10 for Tuck money. There are no extra fees and no extra options that cost more. If you have any concerns about the cost, please feel free to contact us.


On registration day, please present all medication to the camp nurse along with the dosage information. All medication is stored in a secure area in the health centre. While your child is at camp, we will ensure that they receive their medication as directed. All care will be charted and available upon request at the end of the week.

Camp Nurse

During summer camp, we have a qualified lifeguard with first-aid training on our leadership team. More serious injuries will be dealt with according to the discretion of our camp nurse. If an injury does occur, the camper will be transported to the South Bruce Grey Region Health Centre in Durham (8 km from the camp property) and will be assessed by the doctor on call. Before any treatment is administered, we will endeavour to reach the specified emergency contact person.

Food Allergies

While we encourage each camper to eat what is being served, we realize that some children may have dietary or medically related food issues. When registering your child, please inform the camp nurse of any allergies or dietary restrictions. Depending on the severity of the concern, we would also encourage you to speak with our kitchen staff on registration day. We are willing to address any special needs in this way, but if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us before registering your child for camp.

Behavioural Issues

While our staff care deeply for the welfare of each camper, we realize that behavioural issues amongst campers will arise. We seek to be proactive and will often assign extra staff where needed before any issues flare up.  Our next response will be to contact you as parents/guardians to gather further information that might help our approach with your child.  In the event that the child acts to hurt themselves or any other camper, we will contact you and have them sent home. While this is a rare occurrence, it does happen. If the attention that a single camper requires taxes our staff to the point that it jeopardizes the safety of other campers, the camper in question would be better at home. 

Jr. and Sr. Girl’s Camp

Junior Girls’ (Ages 7-11) ($300 per camper)

June 30th- July 5th

Senior Girls’ (Ages 12-16) ($300 per camper)

July 7th-12th

Registration Sunday @ 4:00 pm

Closing BBQ Friday @ 5:00 pm

Our Camps provide campers with a safe space to both enjoy the outdoors and learn more about the God who created it all. During the week, campers will participate in a variety of activities including swimming, group games, crafts, camp games, archery, and more!

Jr. and Sr. Boy’s Camp

Junior Boys’ (Ages 7-11) ($300 per camper)

July 14th-19th

Senior Boys’ (Ages 12-16) ($300 per camper)

July 21st-26th

Registration Sunday @ 4:00 pm

Closing BBQ Friday @ 5:00 pm

Our Camps provide campers with a safe space to both enjoy the outdoors and learn more about the God who created it all. During the week, campers will participate in a variety of activities including swimming, group games, crafts, camp games, archery, and more!

Here at summer camp, there are ample opportunities to be involved, whether it be for the whole summer or only for a week. We accept and prefer a wide range of ages to show and model a healthy family environment. There are 3 main areas that you can be involved in; Senior Staff, Counsellors, and Service Team. Please let us know if you are thinking of helping, and we can guide you in the right direction and find the best fit for you and for the camp.